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DSG Mechatronic Units

For the past 10 years we have focused on the Mechatronic units for the DSG Gearboxes.
We perform Repair, Maintenance , Optimization for all types of Mechatronic unit for DSG Gearboxes like DQ200 , DQ250 , DL501 , 05B , 01J and others.

We are closely working with the best producers and suppliers around the world to meet our customer demands.
We aim to satisfy every customer need making no compromise in quality of the products and services we are selling.

What can we offer in parts:

- DSG Repair Kits
- DSG Solenoids
- DSG Valves
- DSG Clutch Packs
- DSG Wiring Harnesses
- DSG Sensors
- DSG Gaskets and Seals and O Rings.
- DSG Oil and Filters
- DSG Replacement Parts and DSG upgrade parts.

In terms of service we can offer :

- DSG Repair service for all kind of Mechatronic and Multitronic units.
- DSG Overhaul services.
- DSG Software Optimization
- DSG Software upgrade and replacement.
- Advice on hardware and software replacement when upgrading from older hardware to newer version.
- DSG Troubleshooting
- DSG Remaping service for road use and race use.
- DSG Mechatronic Cloning Service
- Stock Files for DSG Gearboxes.

Our customer satisfaction is our main goal and we will try to do our best to stisfy your needs.

We are working with partners all over the world and we can also ofer trough our partners new and used gearboxes, gearbox overhauling services and many more.

We offer NEW and Remanufactired DSG Mechatronic units for all models: DQ250 DSG6 , DQ200 DSG7 , DL500 , DL501 , Stronic , Multitronic etc...

We also offer all the components for DQG 6 and DSG 7 mechatronic units like :

Valves and Solenoids :
Pressure Control N215 Valve 1 (N215)
Pressure Control N216 Valve 2 (N216)
Pressure Control N217 Valve 3 (N217)
Pressure Control N218 Valve 4 (N218)
Pressure Control N233 Valve 5 (N233)
Pressure Control N371 Valve 6 (N371)

N88 Solenoid Valve 1
N89 Solenoid Valve 2
N90 Solenoid Valve 3
N91 Solenoid Valve 4
N92 Solenoid Valve 5

Circuit boards, whole Mechatronic units are available upon request. Mechatronic Pressure Control Valves , valve body and other parts are also available here in our shop.

This valves are present in ALL VW/Audi group DSG Mechatronic gearboxes and usually you will be able to read one of this error codes when one valve goes :

18222 P1814 Pressure Control Valve 1 (N215), Open / Short to Ground
18223 P1815 Pressure Control Solenoid 1 (N215), Short to B+
18226 P1818 Pressure Control Solenoid 2 (N216), electrical malfunction
18227 P1819 Pressure Control Solenoid 2 (N216), Open / Short to Ground
18228 P1820 Pressure Control Solenoid 2 (N216), Short to B+
18231 P1823 Pressure Control Solenoid 3 (N217), electrical malfunction
18232 P1824 Pressure Control Solenoid 3 (N217), Open / Short to Ground
18233 P1825 Pressure Control Solenoid 3 (N217), Short to B+
18236 P1828 Pressure Control Solenoid 4 (N218), electrical malfunction
18237 P1829 Pressure Control Solenoid 4 (N218), Open / Short to Ground
18238 P1830 Pressure Control Valve 4 (N218), Short to Plus
18241 P1833 Pressure Control Solenoid 5 (N233), electrical malfunction
18242 P1834 Pressure Control Solenoid 5 (N233) Open / Short to Ground
18243 P1835 Pressure Control Solenoid 5 (N233) Short to B+
18246 P1838 Pressure Control Solenoid 6 (N371), electrical malfunction
18247 P1839 Pressure Control Solenoid 6 (N371) Open / Short to Ground
18248 P1840 Pressure Control Solenoid 6 (N371) Short to B+

If you have any questions regarding your DSG MEchatronic units or DSG Gearbox please do not hesitate to contact us and we will try our best to help you.